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Kevin's Tree Services - Worker's Compensation Insurance

Did you know you could be held liable for an injury or death on your property when hiring a tree service in Central Florida which lacks Workers’ Compensation coverage? While many of our tree service competitors in Orlando and Seminole County may carry liability insurance, few have Workers’ Compensation. This coverage is critical in an industry as dangerous as ours, and it is mandated by Florida law. Sadly, most local tree services skirt the law to save money, leaving their workers and their customers exposed to liability. If they don’t show it to you, they likely don’t have it. Here’s our Worker’s Comp. Insurance Certificate.


Alarmingly, when the vast majority of Orlando area tree services cut this corner, they expose you to the liability of million dollar lawsuits. Remember, all insurance is not created equal! Insist on being provided with proof of current Workers Compensation rather than settling for less important, less expensive coverage. Only Workers Compensation shields you from paying for exorbitantly expensive injuries.

You may verify our Workers’ Compensation coverage with our Insurance Provider
Workforce Business Solutions – (866) 293-3600 ext. 623



Additionally make sure you verify General Liability Insurance. This protects you in case of an accident while working at your home. The Single most important factor in choosing a tree service is making sure they are properly insured in case of an accident. Otherwise you could be held accountable. See our certificate here:

See our certificate here: General Liability


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