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We Plant the Following Types of Trees

Due to our in-house equipment and expertise, our team can plant every kind of tree you could need. Our staff can help you choose a tree that’s ideal for your property, climate, and appearance needs. Once you have the perfect tree in mind, we can plant it in the perfect spot on your property.

Choose Kevin's Tree Service - 407-971-7714

Our arborists are dedicated to two things: our mission is to keep trees safe and healthy and to keep our clients satisfied. That’s why our services are crafted towards making our team the most convenient, knowledgeable, and affordable service out there.

Leave tree planting & transplanting to the professionals

At Kevin's Tree Service, we recommend that you hire a professional arborist to perform any planting or transplanting jobs. For your new trees to develop and live a long life, special procedures backed by years of knowledge and experience is needed when planting or transplanting a tree.