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Tree Cabling & Bracing Systems

In a tree's natural life cycle, many outside factors can weaken or significantly compromise the overall tree structure. Even maintained and pruned trees can be susceptible to storm and wind damage, natural structural weaknesses (such as a V-shaped tree crotch), mechanical damage, and long heavy limbs. Although additional tree trimming and targeted tree pruning can often eliminate the tree weakness, it may be necessary to support the tree's structure through the use of tree cabling and/or tree bracing.

Tree cabling consists of a sturdy cable attached to two branches to limit overall limb movement and reduce stress and tension to the tree crotch or weakened branches. Tree cabling involves the use of bolts and threaded rods for securing weakened or split tree crotches to promote stability and decrease the chances of further tree damage. This is old technology and has been replaced with tree bracing. We currently use the Cobra Bracing System and have had great success with it. At Kevin's Tree Service, our Certified Arborists adhere to cabling and bracing practices that are accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for tree care.

If you suspect your trees are weakened and are in need of tree cabling, tree bracing or both, contact our friendly and professional team at Kevin's Tree Service today for more information. Our tree care experts will assess your tree's stability and make recommendations for cabling and bracing installation that stabilizes your tree without compromising the tree's natural beauty or tree health. 
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